Friday, March 09, 2012

Finding Kansas City Public School Dropouts

KMBC reports on the latest KCPS effort: "The unaccredited Kansas City School District is trying to locate its missing students as it seeks to reduce the number of them considered dropouts."


Anonymous said...

They're down on the corner with their pants dragging.

Anonymous said...

Might look in the jails. If they aren't there they should be.

Anonymous said...

Same place as the graduates, dead or in jail.

Anonymous said...

It seems pointless, but in actuality it is not. Green is going after accreditation points; unlike that past few administrations.

If the KCPS focuses on those points, it can gain accreditation. The number one issue they need to tackle is attendance. When they start enforcing the attendance policy(8 absences a quarter = fail, like Taylor did a decade ago, it will make a big difference.

Test scores of KCPS kids with good attendance are much higher than those with average to below-average attendance. Nobody wants to admit what that indicates, but there is teaching and learning taking place in the KCPS.