Friday, February 17, 2012

The KC Call Celebrates Black History Month

KSHB offers a great profile of the paper-of-record for so many residents in Kansas City: 'The Call' showcases black history


chuck said...

Here is a puzzling quote from the article.

"Stewart has been working at The Call for 35 years. As she reflects on her career she believes one of the proudest moments printing information that helped lead police to Precious Doe’s killer."

I thought Alonzo solved that crime????

chuck said...

Another quote of worthy of note...

“We still have many issues to resolve mainly the public education system, Black-on-Black crime, better housing and improving the 3rd district,” she emphasized.

Look, lets work on some realistic goals and not reach too high.

Kansas City Public Schools will be a viable education alternative right after the folks at the Call raise the Titanic.

I would like to suggest, and I don't deny that I have a dog in this fight, that the Call focuses on Black on White crime also.


Just one outta seven days?


Ok, well, it was worth a shot.

(Worth a shot, get it?)


I find humor and sarcasm, in the face of metaphysical stupidity mitigates the pain of reality.

chuck said...

I know none of these crimes rises to the level of Emmit Till, back in the 50's, but I thought I would give it a shot.

This guy killed 30 white girls, does he count??

This guy is pretty nice.

A good samaritan here.

No hate crime here.

Nor here.

This shit is endless.

Tens of thousands of killings, rapes, assaults, but no mention in the Call of that.

Anonymous said...

Did the historical figures discussed in the story have to buy ads like the paper decides its political endorsements?

Anonymous said...

more dead tree (with strange fruit) media...?

Anonymous said...

@I find humor and sarcasm, in the face of metaphysical stupidity mitigates the pain of reality.

Hilarious! (and on point!) The Call contributes to the demise of the community they say their helping. That's why readership is down and the price per paper has risen. I stopped looking at The Call paper after my grandmother died... 19 years ago! Worthless crap paper controlled by the faithful few. Just like The Star; you'll never get a fair perspective on what's transpiring. I always love when Blacks push their products off as progressive and they just fall in line with the status quo. I support this, I don't support that. No objectivity or creativity. The Call is like every other struggling small business owner in this town; bought by the people with the most money. There's nothing cutting edge about that!

Anonymous said...

The Call just fits into what passes for black leadrship in this city: it's all stuck in about 1968 with the same old victimization/entitlement/intimidation/extortion crap.
Meanwhile, the community east of Troost continues to decline and empty out.
And when the community itself does nothing to rein in crime, violence, and murders, not even cooperate with the police, whose fault is that?
No one is coming to the rescue.

Anonymous said...

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