Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Normally, I don't really do doggie stories but this one has a benefit for denizens of the urban core.

There are A TON of abandoned and neglected dogs roaming around the city streets of this cowtown and Chain of Hope is a local organization doing their best to alleviate this situation that poses a danger to humans and animals.

Currently . . . Kansas City Animal Control will soon put a stop to their efforts and their on a deadline to get out of the house their using for their mission.

NBC Action News filed a great report on this story . . .

However, a blog post from Chain of Hope provides even more detail on what the group is trying to accomplish.

Again, this isn't just about doggies . . . Instead, think of this story as local government getting in the way of a small non-profit working to improve the urban core more effectively than a beleaguered and mostly broke agency.


Anonymous said...

This is amazingly stupid on so many levels.

David Park, who usually comes across as somewhat sensible (considering he works for the city) turned into an apologist for the city's stupidity.

The law in Kansas City says four animals are the limit for one household, so Chain of Hope is complying with that limit. Park said now that the house where Chain of Hope is located is a business, that does not apply. It's still a house, David.

On another level, I was told by Animal Control that they would not cite ANYBODY for having fewer than ten pets.

Something is rotten here. One person in the area where Chain of Hope is located is objecting. Can this person really be so well-connected that he or she can make the city into the Grinch that kicks an animal rescue group out of their home?

Bah Humbug indeed. And shame on you, David Park.

Anonymous said...

The City engaging in animal cruelty.

Doggie day care said...

better to support a more viable charity.

Anonymous said...

11:03: Such as?

Julia said...

Chain of Hope is in a house, however, the landlord wants them to stay since no one has lived there in a long time, also they keep the neighborhood in check. Many of the homes around there are vacant and just not a good area. The only neighbor that objects says she only wants certain people in her neighborhood and she can't even see the house that Chain of Hope is renting. They don't keep dogs outside for long hours and the dogs aren't barking or causing any problems. Animal Control has a record of being a problem so hoepfully the city will get it together. Chain of Hope is an amazing group that is out there to help animals, spay and neuter, educate animal owners on how to care for their animals. So many people don't even give their animals food, water, shelter, medicine, you would be shocked at the stuff they deal with on a daily basis. They are out in the field daily helping dog and cats. They give food to people who cannot afford it for their animals. They pay for the spay and neuter, they give medicine. They are so good for our community. They respect animal control but so many times they call animal control about an abused and neglected dog or cat and the animal control does nothing, it is really horrible.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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