Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I still have NO IDEA who I support for Mayor but that hasn't stopped TKC SCIENTIFIC POLLING DATA from reaching the basement.

Here's a scenario where Mike Burke wins . . .

Northland votes for Burke en masse. By that I mean all two dozen people who plan to vote.

Burke and Sly James slug it out Downtown and in the Corridor with a slight advantage for Burke.

Sly James takes the Eastside vote but not by a massive margin. Burke is able to pick up 25%. Low voter turnout, just like the Primary, lessens the impact of this District.

SOUTH KANSAS CITY DECIDES THE KANSAS CITY MAYORAL ELECTION!!! Burke has a strong chance of victory because the Southland voted for him during the Primary and his name ID is stronger than Sly. Not just that, Burke has a long history of community involvement in that part of town. A more diverse populace still keeps this part of town up for grabs but ultimately Senior Citizen voters bring this thing home for Burke.

Factoid: High Voter Turnout Makes Things Look Better For Sly James, Low Voter Turnout Assures A Burke Victory.

Remember, this is just one scenario out of many but I've ran it through my X-box a few times and it plays out at the highest percentages while I'm getting slaughtered in Call Of Duty.

Here's a Mike Burke presser that backs up most of my theory:

The Northland Comes Out To Support Mike Burke for Mayor

(Kansas City, MO) – A large group of current and former Northland public officials have endorsed Mike Burke for mayor as the March 22 general election nears. Numerous other civic leaders and business groups have recently announced their support for Burke, stressing his experience and his commitment to a better future for Kansas City.

Burke picked up the endorsements of each member of the Platte County Commission, which includes Jason Brown, presiding commissioner, Kathy Dusenbery, First District and Jim Plunkett, Second District.

Burke, a Platte County resident, said he was grateful for the endorsements and expects to work closely with them when elected mayor. “Their support means a lot to my campaign and helps to build upon the momentum we have this last week before Election Day,” Burke said.

Burke also now has the backing of many other Northland city, school board and county officials.

“I think these groups and individuals recognize my strong commitment to the Northland and my deep knowledge of our challenges and strengths,” Burke said. “Their support is very important to me and I look forward to working with them as mayor.”

Several individuals spoke highly of Burke.

“Mike has a track record for getting the job done and, as mayor, Mike will pay attention to the
Northland’s needs,” said Jason Brown, presiding Platte County Commissioner. “I proudly support Mike Burke for mayor.”

“Mike Burke is a man who will find solutions to problems and give Kansas City and the Northland a mayor we can all be proud of,” said Jason Grill, former State representative.

“I worked with Mike Burke when I represented the Northland on the city council,” said Teresa Loar, former Councilwoman. “He knows how to get things done at City Hall and he will be ready to roll up his sleeves for Kansas City on day one.”
The full list of the announced supporters, including the Platte County commissioners, includes:

− Russ Johnson, 2nd In-District Councilman
− John Fairfield, Former 2nd In-District Councilman
− Teresa Loar, Former 1st In-District Councilwoman
− Larry Larson, Clay County Commissioner, Western District
− Fred Sanchez, Park Hill School Board, Southern Platte County Ambulance District
− Pauli Kendrick, Park Hill School Board
− Jason Brown, Platte County Commissioner, Presiding
− Kathy Dusenberry, Platte County Commissioner, First District
− Jim Plunkett, Platte County Commissioner, Second District
− Betty Knight, Former Platte County Commissioner, Presiding
− Jason Grill, Former State Representative
− Meg Harding, Former State Representative
− Spencer and Celeste Fields
In addition to these recent endorsements, Mike has earned the support of:
− Three former mayors – Kay Barnes, Richard Berkley and Charles Wheeler
− Four members of the Missouri House of Representatives, including Ryan Silvey (R), Mike Talboy
(D), Jason Holsman (D) and John Rizzo (D)
− Prominent business leader, James B. Nutter
− The Citizens Association
− Forward Kansas City
− The Kansas City Downtown Council Political Action Committee
− The Carpenters District Council
− The Pipefitters LU #533 and
− The Greater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council
The general election will be held Tuesday, March 22.


Anonymous said...

We need a strong Mayor to take a stand on crime. The Board of Police Commissioners are not doing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

A mayor cant stop inner city youth from murdering each other!

Anonymous said...

Try reading this about the Mayor Elect: http://www.pitch.com/content/printVersion/149186/

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Anonymous said...

Burke is gonna lose.

Anonymous said...

This Northlander is voting Sly James for Mayor, and I mean that I am actually going to the polls.