Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mayor Funky caught in more Volunteer Ordinance Fighting!!!

The end of today's council session was sorta interesting . . .

Ed Ford moved to further define the Volunteer Ordinance and sought to clarify the "infrequent volunteer" aspect of the Council move that essentially kicked Co-Mayor Gloria Squitiro out of The Hall and back to Brookside and the Library . . . Ostensibly, this move was to intended to give Mayor Funky and his lawyer a harder time in their case against Kansas City.

Mayor Funky abstained . . . The vote was 11-1 in favor.

And again, all of this might not be as interesting Heidi Montag in a bikini and possibly posing nude in Playboy.

Obama Abandons Kansas City

Watching the Council session . . . They just passed an ordinance to raid the general fund and City Hall cash on hand, all the council including the Mayor was in favor.

Even better . . . One fact to light: Councilman Sharp noted that Kansas City isn't getting the Federal Stimulus dollars that all the politicos were expecting and this kind of crazy cash scheme is necessary for our cowtown to come up with it's own stimulus . . .I'm not sure about the logic of KC screwing around with cash in hand . . . But the fact that Obama's help to Kansas City is minimal is just as TKC had predicted.

Future of politics: Black women and Latinos

Thanks to a TKC reader who sent this MSNBC link my way: "Nearly one-fourth of voters in last November's election were minorities, the most diverse election ever, fueled by high turnout from black women and a growing Hispanic population, an independent research group found."

Show Me Frightened Politicos

House member Rob Schaaf, a family physician from St. Joseph made a fool of himself today . . . He suggested that school children should stay away from the Missouri Capitol to avoid spreading the swine flu across the state . . . He was wearing a mask. Best part of the Fox 4 report: "His speech was greeted with goans from some other lawmakers."

TKC Breaking News!!! Where in the world is Mayor Funky?!? Protest at City Hall today!!!

Anti-Mayor Funky advocates, Funkhouser Recall Folks are going to be protesting at City Hall today asking about the whereabouts of Kansas City's absentee Mayor.

There's also a press conference from Funkhouser Recall folks that's going to tout their numbers . . . They may be confirming 10k or even claiming 15 . . . We'll see.

Still it's good to know that some of these folks might have been inspired by TKC because mainstream media was too busy reporting the weather to relay the fact that Mayor Funky skipped out on the Precious Doe Memorial and AIDS Walk - Two important events that bring together Kansas City's diverse communities. And credit KC Star columnist Yael T. Abouhalkah with reporting that Funky was gone from an important Police Board meeting which might have been the main impetus for the protest.

Here's a quote from the press release just sent my way:

Petitioners are furious with the Mayor for his failure to show up on Tuesday at a critical Police Board meeting to decide what to cut from the public safety budget.

"Mark Funkhouser continues to thumb his nose at the citizens of Kansas City. He missed 5 of the 6 public hearings on the city's budget and then thought it was more important Tuesday to give a speech in Nebraska than attend the Police Board meeting where their budget was being passed. He ought to do himself and the citizens a favor and resign now. If he did the honorable thing, we can go directly to an election to pick a dedicated full-time Mayor who will do the job our struggl
ing city so desperately needs," said committee spokesperson Harris Wilder.
So, the dream of a Kansas City "Orange Revolution" has now turned into not a nightmare but more of ghost pain.

In the aftermath of budget debate embarrassment Funky is MIA and while I keep hearing that he's going to shake-up the City Council . . . I think most avid political watchers are somewhat disappointed by his obvious retreat and obvious indication that he's not a real leader.

Prairie Village and racial profiling

The KC Guy brings a great perspective about racial profiling from top police officials in Prairie Village . . . That sadly, still doesn't offer much assurance.

Crying wolf gets expensive in Kansas City

On a related note to the previous two posts . . . I hate to say it, but there's even more incentive to buy a dog in this town . . . Other than the fact that they're more loyal than most people. NBC Action News reports: The Kansas City Police Department will increase annual renewal fees from $35 to $40 per false security system alarm beginning May 1.

Cracking down on The Conejo

It's already started . . . There's a climate of panic and Rumors are circulating regarding the bus from here to the border and the media begin to make life harder for the local Latino Community. Thanks to Fox4 for clearing up morning misinformation.

Swine Flu Reactionary, Racist Pigs

I won't spend to long on this one because smarter people have already addressed the subject . . . However, reaction to the swine flu from ultra-right wing pundits has been typically disappointing and sad.

It seems that a great many people never learned one of the lessons of AIDS - Which was mainly that a virus has no politics. So while a great many racists are once again making life harder for Mexicans and Latinos on this side of the border . . . They're doing nothing but repeating the same divisive, ultimately futile and ugly mistakes made by so-called conservatives in the 80's who called AIDS the wrath of God against homosexuals until the virus started taking people en masse from all walks of life and now is a very real threat to heterosexuals as well.

Kansas City doesn't get off the hook in this instance either . . . Newsies were on the Westside looking for the Swine Flu only hours before it turned up in suburban Platte Coutny.

And here's a fact that's once again being overlooked in all of this swine flu coverage . . .


C'mon . . . Let's look at the facts . . . Mexicans are great swimmers but there's no way that dreaded illegal Mexican immigrants made it all the way to New Zealand.

And dumb talk about border security providing protection against the Swine Flu is not only dimwitted political opportunism but also fails to understand that throughout history viruses and diseases have never respected walls, gates, checkpoints or any feeble human efforts to control the movement of poor, brown people.

Sorry, the fantasy that secure borders can stop disease would have the American public locked up like Howard Hughes in his later years and STILL not protected from all of the nasty bugs out there . . . It's hard for me to believe that hiding in a basement with tissue paper boxes on your feet and anti-bacterial lotion in one hand is the so-called "Conservative" vision for the United States . . . I've tried it, it's overrated.

Finally . . . I'm officially marking the end of the "pigs fly/swine flu" joke being anything close to clever . . . Time for current events humorists to step up their game.


  • Why Border Controls Can't Keep Out the Flu Virus

  • Immigration debate a new symptom of swine flu outbreak

  • Swine flu prevention: No benefit seen to closing Texas-Mexico border
  • Funky Administration refugee doing fine

    Burnetta Burtin, former office manager for Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser, this week was appointed the first female secretary of the city's park board in its history.

    Life is good post-Funkhouser . . . Now go and sign the Recall.

    "A day at the capitol"

    The Wednesday Sun spent a day in Jefferson City to learn exactly what goes on in the Missouri legislature . . . The story is nice but has nothing to do with real life in that down and a great many of the soul crushing and horrible things that people have to do in order to stay i.e. mostly interact with folks they really don't like or fight with people they do.

    TKC Public Service: How to find a missing emo/goth kid, if you had to . . .

    A story of the search for missing, depressed teens who took off after leaving a suicide note isn't funny . . . But after I read it and stopped laughing, I decided that I could help.

    It's all about giving back.

    So, here it is:


    1. Have you checked Hot Topic?

    2. Listen for pop sounding music with horribly depressing lyrics. Remember that there can be only one Morrissey.

    3. If it's sunny outside, realize that they couldn't have made it too far.

    4. Look again at Hot Topic.

    5. Abandon all hope, sit around and pout, wear a lot of black clothing and only then will a place for an emo/goth kid to go in your area will come to mind.

    If none of these options work . . . Giving up is certainly an option as any emo/goth kid will attest . . . And no, there is no difference between Emo or Goth no matter what that South Park episode claims.

    And none of this is as important as Petra Nemcova pretending to be depressed, but still hot . . . A sure sign that she has nothing to do with either faction of suburban, white privilege angst.

    TKC Diversity note: Yes, I know there are Mexican goths (Moths?), don't remind me.

    Superintendent meeting mostly a bust

    Just about everyone I talked to at the Kansas City School District Superintendent forum last night said it was an overwhelming disappointment. BOTH candidates are run of the mill politicos who aren't going to create much change . . . Meanwhile, local news isn't reporting that attendance was dismal . . . There was a MUCH bigger turnout when the public interviewed Amato for the job.

    Payback: Former Independence Superintendent Arrested

    Dr. Scott Taveau was arrested last night in Florida. NBC Action News reports he hasn't been charged with anything but he is involved in a lawsuit with the state. The State of Missouri claims he collected retirement money while working full time which is illegal. The Missouri retirement system wants him to pay back more than $245,000.

    Obama metro flood control cash

    Kansas City gets $28.7M in stimulus for flood control . . . Of course the projects are solid, already approved and probably needed . . . So I'm not sure what I can criticize Obama for in this post . . . Maybe his hatred of people wearing high water pants . . . ??? Not all this crap can be funny.

    Clay's Revenge: Imaginary numbers and bad planning in support of light rail!!!

    Transit activist Clay Chastain plans to officially launch yet another petition drive May 18 to try to bring light rail to KC and he recently provided details about horrible plan.

    One more story about Downtown air quality

    KMBC: Twenty-seven people were treated for possible carbon monoxide poisoning at a halfway house in downtown Kansas City.

    The Star is stuck in the past

    In keeping with the spirit of swine flu, today The Star is spotlighting a couple of pigs living in a $4 million condo looking down on most of Kansas City in an attempt to alienate the last remaining segment of their audience during a recession. I don't know that the point of the story was other than an attempt to make me hate the couple profiled, the author and the paper-of-record . . . If that was case . . . It worked!!!

    Choke on it Kansas City

    American Lung Association: Kansas City ranks 22nd-worst for ozone . . . Sadly, in the 50's our air quality would have been referred to as "rich, tasty and refreshing" at least by tobacco companies on TV.

    Weather kills more Kansans than Swine Flu

    WDAF: 5 Storm-related Deaths In Kansas Since Saturday . . . But it's too hard to blame Mexicans for the weather.

    TKC not the worst boyfriend in town

    Crime Scene KC: KC man accused of trying to burn himself, GF alive, prosecutors say

    Wet morning link compilation

    Here are the soggy morning links . . . Or something:

  • Reflections on bagels and roaches: Only memories remain for venerable New York Bakery on Troost

  • Placing blame is a local tragedy gets more/less complicated: Court blocks wrongful-death suit by Shipp family

  • Swine flu in perspective: Swine Flu is Old News for Metro Man

  • On the other hand panicked swine flu suckers in the metro make for better copy

  • About town for local crooks: Arrest in smash-and-grab case; rape in KC

  • In doggie news: KC animal clinic again has dogs rescued from a breeder

  • Stopping a shredding session in local tumor case: A judge grants a temporary restraining order Wednesday baring the destruction of any records against a company accused of dumping a toxic sludge on northwest Missouri farms.

  • Tigers to blame for unwanted e-mail: Two MU grads charged in spam scheme

  • Background on hippie bumper stickers: Jailed Indian activist Leonard Peltier denied access to all FBI files related to his murder case

  • A photo gallery of wet Italian babe Maria Mazza is maybe the perfect way to start the morning.
  • Local blog: Holland's Comet

    A great compilation of opinion on all things in the headlines from this local blogger.

    "The anger, frustration, fear, hate and ugliness out there against this President and the country is palpable."

    PFlow gauges public sentiment against President Obama from reactionaries . . . It's not good.

    The KC Late Night and nothing to do post

    I've got a couple ideas for the morning round of posts . . . And one I have to save until afternoon . . . Still, this morning should be interesting . . . Maybe not as captivating as Adriana Lima & Ana Beatriz Barros posing half naked together . . . But pretty good nonetheless.

    At the very least, now that the global recession killed Kansas City's warm weather entertainment and downtown during the week STILL looks like a ghost town. . . It's something to do that doesn't come with a hefty price tag. More posts forthcoming . . . Stay tuned.

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Another perspective on the Big, Sexy, Chris Koster Craigslist Crackdown!!!

    I'm a big fan of strong opinions from every community in Kansas City and recently via e-mail I received a unique perspective regarding Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster's attack on Internet classified giant craigslist. This first person story from a TKC reader reveals that there's nothing new about dangerous hookups and to me it seems like the effort to crack down specifically on craigslist only stifles Internet and ignores the reality of human nature.

    Check it:

    One thing about Chris Koster looking into craigslist ads for sex, there's something that really bothers me. Like a lot of gay men, I read the craigslist m4m postings when bored but never respond to them. Too risky and I don't want an Std or worse. And the most disturbing part about them is the high prevalence of married men or men with girlfriends who are trolling for sex. It's often the ones that "can't host" or one where the girlfriend/wife is out of town or at work and they have "limited time at home to host" Eeew! Or the other common one is married or supposedly straight men who are in town on business and have a hotel where they can host.

    The local married men post all the time. It's crazy what they risk exposing their wife/girlfriend to, but the sad truth is that many have boring marriages without sex so I guess it doesn't matter to them.

    Besides craigslist, the married men often cruise parks and bathrooms. It's usually more closeted straight or married men since openly gay guys don't need to go around in secret looking for sex. We can find partners at gay bars, or through dating or parties. There's a site where people can report cruising places and rate them for "safety". is one place. If former Senator Larry Craig had been checking out he would have known that police were staking out Denver bathrooms. That site reports on many places in the KC metro area.

    Many cities have bath houses where men can engage in sex all night long. You pay a fee and get a locker or room depending on how long you plan to stay. A room is nothing more than a bed and just for sex. When I was younger and living in another city I confess that I went to bath houses many times and often met married men and priests. That was pre-Aids however and after HIV surfaced I stayed away from those clubs.

    Kansas City used to have a bathhouse on 39th Street right near Broadway. It was closed years ago. But the equivalent of one is still open and going strong. They don't call it a bath house, but instead call it a "gym". They have token gym equipment, but it's a place where men go for sex, make no bones about that. They have private rooms with doors. Like most bath houses they provide condoms and promote safe sex, but it's still a place where men can go for sex. I used to work at a company where one of my gay friends told me that before he was hired at that company, he had wild sex with the Chief Operating Officer who masqueraded as a married man, pinnacle of the community. But the guy had a very kinky side of him that he'd expose at the "gym" in Kansas City. My friend was a little surprised to see him when he was hired at the company and of course the COO avoided him like the plague. Fortunately for him he was never outed.

    And Erotic City was known for its prevalent sex for years. Now it's the Strand Theatre on Troost or Bazooka's. The men hang out in the hallways, make eye contact, and then go into the video rooms for sex. And they all talk about hooking up via craigslist or other sex sites.

    So the craigslist thing is nothing new. Just more public.

    Live blogging Obama's press conference

    Tumble-o-rama offers the most up to date KC blogger perspective on Obama's 1st 100 mistakes days.

    The Gangs of Kansas City

    Police, Community Look for Ways to Curb Gang Violence . . . A great story by Tess K.

    Show Me Swine Flu Pigs

    More on this later . . .

    But, just as I expected . . . Reactionaries and racists have started to politicize yet another virus which only serves to make them look like cretins.

    Sometimes my work is too easy.

    Especially now that swine flu has shown up in Missouri.


  • Probable Swine Flu Case Reported in Platte County

  • Swine Flu Reaches Missouri

  • Yet Another Money Pit Makeover

    The Kansas City Zoo is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the opening of a new rainforest exhibit . . . I hope it's much nicer than a City without cash forced to make cutbacks on cops.

    City Hall Audit Follow-Up to a story KICKASS TKC Tipsters told months ago!!!

    NBC Action News: City Audit Reveals Misspent Money, Workers Reportedly Fired.

    I'm pretty sure they're talking about these posts that TKC readers were offered in January . . . Note, it involves a health club membership purchased with City Hall Cash:


  • TKC EXCLUSIVE FOLLOW UP!!! Kansas City's Untold Credit Card Scandal!!!
  • A look at the New Mayor Pro Tem: Off the record the Council says it'll be John Sharp

    Mayor Funky is out of love with Northland Council Dude and current Mayor Pro Tem Bill Skaggs . . . That might be because a great many people say that Skaggs would be a better Mayor than Funkhouser.

    In any event . . . Council shake-ups are on the way and off the record City Council folks are saying that it'll be John Sharp who might walk away with it.

    I was hoping that the Mayor would show a bit of insight into Kansas City politics and appoint the first African-American female to the job of Mayor Pro Tem . . . Either his boo, Sharon Sanders Brooks or even better Melba Curls. This appointment would be a bit of Kansas City history and at least one first by the Mayor who has a tenure full of nothing but empty promises.

    In any event, what I'm hearing about Sharp isn't good as of late. Personally, I like the guy and I think some of the social causes that he has supported offer a bit of insight into his politics. HOWEVER, he's probably the most skilled politico on the Council given the fact that NOBODY can know for sure where he stands on most Kansas City issues. He's cagey and Funkhouser appointing him is taking a real risk . . . There's word that he could be a dark horse candidate for Mayor but because of his reputation for working with folks against Funkhouser there is once again talk that Sharp just might be (yet again) the last, best hope of he Funky bunch.

    We'll see . . . The Mayor Pro Tem job is not a brass ring, it's something that people want to achieve on the way to bigger and better assignments which should make everyone suspicious of the people who actively seek out the job.

    Certainly, I like to keep my eye on all of the City Council almost as closely as I'm looking at recent Marissa Miller bikini photos.

    JoCo Reefer Madness and a Misplaced Bag of Weed at a Bank!!!

    My favorite story in the metro area today involves a clumsy, panicky pothead making an unexpected deposit at a Shawnee bank.

    Shortly before 6 p.m. Tuesday, police said, the man walked up to a teller at the Country Club Bank to cash a check.

    As he reached into his pocket, a baggie containing pot and rolling papers fell to the ground, police said. The man then left without picking up the items.
    The guy is later identified by surveillance tape and while they say that they have yet to file charges against the dude . . . I'm pretty sure there is some kind of award for this situation from High Times magazine. At the very least, it's interesting to note a pot head with enough cash to use a bank . . . A JoCo phenomenon to be sure.


  • Police: Bank Customer Drops Bag Of Marijuana

  • Customer Loses Pot at Shawnee Bank
  • Everybody Panic!!! City Council Lady takes the lead on Swine Flu Preparations!!!

    Council Lady Cindy Circo relays the details of a recent Swine Flu briefing.

    Lame: Kansas City Band Fight

    Back to Rockville: Band members brawl after KC show

    Double bonus points to the author for including the phrase "savage beating"

    Cloudy Kansas City Wednesday Link Look

    Wonderfully Cloudy Afternoon Link Goodness:

  • Crime Scene KC blogs the not so curious case of a drunk driver crashing into a patrol car for the win fail.

  • Brides get stiffed . . . Non-porn: Johnson County prosecutors investigate Shawnee florist

  • Celebrate the end of the recession . . . Or not: The unemployment rate was down slightly in March in the Kansas City area.

  • Normally, I'm vehemently against solving problems with bullets or a bow and arrow but this lingering JoCo dilemma is just begging for it: Deer Population Explodes in Shawnee Mission Park

  • NBC Action News on the next Superintendent soon to be fired.

  • When simply avoiding brown people is not an option: KCMO Health Director On Metro Swine Flu Precautions

  • A photo gallery of Helena Coelho raises my "spirits" on a cloudy day.
  • Gone Mild against the Funky recall

    I have mixed emotions on this one . . . I'm almost glad to see Dan pro-Funk blogging again because I miss having people to argue with . . . At this point the overwhelming majority of folks are either horribly disappointed with the Mayor or actively want him gone . . . And the accusations from Gone Mild seem kind of weak

    "When I noticed her clipboard, I asked her what she was gathering signatures for, and she replied, "For the Mayor."

    I told her that I consider myself for the mayor, and she handed me the petition.

    Of course, the petition was not "for the mayor", as she claimed, but it was for a recall of the mayor. When I saw that it was one of the recall petitions, I asked her what the legal grounds for recall were. She replied, "Uhh, he's not doing a good job. Folks, those are not legal reasons to recall a Mayor. Telling someone that it is, in an attempt to gain his or her signature, is a form of attempted fraud."
    Yikes. Unfortunately, this is the best defense of the Mayor so far and it isn't that good . . . What Gone Mild doesn't mention is the affidavit attached to the petition that someone has to look at BEFORE they sign it which clearly gives the reasons for recall. Picking on some campaign worker making (maybe) 9 bucks an hour isn't exactly the change that Funkhouser supporters trumpeted.

    And that's it . . . Petition volunteers and employees refusing to debate with people on the street is not perjury . . . And more importantly, the small minority of Funkhouser loyalists don't even seem too enthusiastic about defending the absentee Mayor who has spent most of his tenure out of town, working on his second job or defending the honor of his co-Mayor wife.

    WyCo State Senator Steineger's Tea Party Nazi Name Calling Blunder

    Sure, I thought the teabaggers were kind of racist but calling them Nazis is a little rough, overly dramatic and drastically overestimates their level of physical fitness. A conservative blogger calls out the Kansas State Senator Steineger for his gaffe.


    The resignation of MAST board of trustees Chairwoman Brenda Pelofsky isn't such a big deal in light of other news I'm hearing from KICKASS TKC TIPSTERS.

    First of all, I thought the story was dead and there was no avoiding City Hall playing political games with the medical care of people on local streets. But with every political move . . . There is a consequence . . .


    Already there's a lot of background fighting over the proposed takeover . . . It may be a lost cause but it's still interesting . . .

    Not so long ago MAST employees cried foul when a bunch of Firefighter Union sponsored letters showed up endorsing the deal . . . The letters were cited as low level propaganda but complaints about the letters just might have been turned over to the City's legal department according to some MAST supporters. Obviously, there wasn't case . . . But it's an obvious sign of how panicky people become when anyone dares to challenge Union leader Louie Wright.

    And that's where things get interesting . . . There is no politico in Kansas City who can afford to openly offend Local 42 . . . However, MAST is running fine without City involvement and the fire fighter's union move to make MAST part of local government is actually a step backward. MAST is regional, quasi-private and is an international model for a local ambulance service . . . The move to take MAST under KC control is nothing more than big government and the political bullying of the Fire Fighter's Union with the only benefit being a meager savings that still isn't proven along with a downgrade is service that is almost guaranteed.

    From what I'm hearing . . . A public petition to stop this move would only take less than 5k signatures . . . Look for it to get started after The Funky recall movement.

    Making an example of metro movie pirate

    Big media isn't playing around about fighting piracy:

    Federal prosecutors announced charges Tuesday against a Grandview man accused of illegally recording a movie at a Lee's Summit theater. According to an indictment, Robert L. Henderson, 41, used a video camera to record “The Dark Knight” on July 18 at the Dickinson Eastglen 16 Theatre.
    Charges from the feds are kinda steep when it comes to a crappy movie that was way too long and kind of overwrought in retrospect.

    Kansas City Archbishop is a big part of the Catholic Anti-Obama Pile on!!!

    Small time Catholic papers are reporting that the number of bishops who have publicly criticized the University of Notre Dame for honoring President Barack Obama has reached 48, with archbishops in Kansas City and Washington, D.C. adding their disapproval. Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City wrote a scathing attack regarding the appearance in the archdiocesan newspaper, The Leaven.

    Kansas City School District Superintendent forum offers grandstanding opportunity along with softball questions

    A public forum is planned for 6:00 p.m. Wednesday at Paseo Academy, 4747 Flora Ave.

    Members of the community will get a chance to question the two finalists for Kansas City, Mo. school superintendent before the school board makes its decision . . . But mostly it's going to be an opportunity for semi-professional school board associates to promote their services and contracts under the guise of concern along with the occasional embarrassingly unsophisticated comment from a random person in the crowd who didn't know that these meetings are always nothing more than setups.

    Kansas City Field of Pipe Dreams!!!

    The Star recently reports on the latest laughable stimulus scheme:

    Officials will apply federal stimulus dollars to the existing task of mowing and cleaning about 900 blighted lots forfeited for failure to pay taxes. Fourteen of those parcels will be converted to gardens to grow vegetables and other crops useful in a tough economy.
    I have no idea how the rats coming up from the sewers to eat federally grown corn on the Eastside is going to help people who live in that community . . . It gets worse . . .
    "The Full Employment Council will use about $700,000 in federal stimulus money to employ up to 300 people between the ages of 16 and 24. They will assist Shawn’s Lawn & Landscaping, which on Tuesday received a $240,000 contract from the Parks and Recreation Department to mow and clean about 120 acres of vacant lots owned by the Land Trust of Jackson County.

    The lots are primarily within the 3rd and 5th City Council Districts on the city’s east and southeast sides. Two lots in each of seven neighborhoods within those districts will be designated to be tilled and prepared to become community gardens."
    Not only does this fat contract turn a bunch of people into government field hands but it doesn't really accomplish much once the money runs out like, oh let's say job training.

    I know that people were hoping for change and whatever but if community garden silliness is all that Kansas City has to show for the sheep-like Obama worship in this town . . . Then a great many of us might have been horribly deceived.

    KCPD hiring freeze will lead to fewer officers on the street!!!

    Here's another reason for media watchers to be critical of most of what they read . . . EVERY newsie in this town is trying to put a positive spin on recent police cuts now that they are an unavoidable reality . . . Newsies are leading with assurances that there won't be any layoffs or reductions in hours and even that police helicopters are running . . . But the fact is, Kansas City still won't get the new cops promised so long ago and the hiring freeze in light of the natural attrition of officers translates into a reduction of the overall force . . . Happy news that doesn't highlight the consequences of the decisions that this town makes isn't helping anyone . . . In fact it only serves to keep people misinformed when reporters start quoting PR as if it was reality.

    Kansas City Stadiums Stay Winning!!!

    Satchel Paige Memorial Stadium will get a $277,000 makeover in a project approved Tuesday by the Kansas City park board.

    I know, I know . . . It's a valuable asset to the community and whatever . . . But it's also disheartening to know that stadium funding of all varieties still take a high priority over neighborhoods . . . And the place mostly sits vacant.

    KCTV5 Covers Nasty Northland Nurse!!!

    I have no idea why The Pitch runs a weird kind of snarky, hostile-to-people-of-color-spin but they totally trashed a rather interesting story.

    KCTV5's Investigation of alleged local male nurse molestations was sort of scary.

    Here's what is likely the money excerpt:

    For almost seven years, William S. Price worked in the emergency room at North Kansas City Hospital. In that time, at least two women stepped forward and accused the nurse of drugging and sexually assaulting them while under his care.

    Lisa filed a police report alleging an assault in 2004, but North Kansas City Hospital dismissed the accusation and kept Price on the job . . .

    Less than two years after Lisa's allegation, another woman came forward with a strikingly similar experience, saying Price sexually assaulted her at North Kansas City Hospital after locking the door to an ER examination room and administering intravenous drugs.

    She later told police that Price repeatedly "inserted his fingers into her vagina" while she was drugged . . .

    Federal prosecutors discovered in June 2006 that Price was using his skills as a nurse and his knowledge of hospital pharmaceuticals outside the emergency room, as well.

    For more than eight months, Price drugged a 15-year-old girl inside his home and "videotaped himself molesting and raping her ... while she was unconscious," according to court documents.

    According to federal documents, he was dressed only in a T-shirt that read "Making a difference. One patient at a time."
    I'm sorry, I'm not a cynical hipster and I can't dismiss local drama like it's an episode of the hills. THIS REPORT WAS GOOD STUFF . . . And just another example of how the Medical Industrial Complex is screwing over patients in one of many nasty ways.

    Petty environmentalism before safety in KC

    KMBC reports that weekly curbside recycling will continue in Kansas City, despite budget cutbacks in other departments. Proving once again that disposing of The Star, plastic containers and cereal boxes in order to make hippies feel better about themselves is far more important than cops on local streets.

    Pets finally help Kansas City people

    WDAF: Mars Petcare US plans to move its research and development operation to a current production facility in Kansas City, adding 157 jobs.

    Show Me Religious Persecution?!?!?

    The Star: "Three men affiliated with a Missouri charity have asked a federal judge to throw out criminal charges against them, alleging they are being prosecuted because they are Muslims."

    Kansas City Morning Link Collection

    Here the links from mainstream media that I'm looking at this morning:

  • Once again suburbia has access to more resources than KC Proper: Lee's Summit Police Department Looking for New Cops

  • It takes teen being shot 5 times and dying to get a conversation about violence in the metro: Teen's Murder Sparks Outrage, Discussion Over Youth Violence

  • NBC Action News follow-up . . . Is a KC Cold Case Linked to the Tylenol Murders? . . . And apparently the story inspired a bit of reaction: Investigators: Bizarre Cold Case Reopened

  • Fed Money thrown by the roadside: Kansas City will use more than $800,000 in federal stimulus money to build trail sections on the Indian Creek and Blue River greenways

  • Making room for a KC Institution: Marching Cobras Need New Practice Space

  • The most recent suburban annoyance makes the news: Several Mailboxes Damaged in Blue Springs

  • 25 year-old Mexican hottie Vanessa Claudio makes me forget about the Swine Flu for the moment.
  • Maybe Happy News Will Help

    KCTV5 Coverage for folks for people who like to smile: "Kansas Citians Tout Positives Of City Life"

    More KC Rap Cred for Hyper Sniper

    Two years ago, TKC profiled Hyper Sniper and the write-up earned a great reaction. I'm glad to see the guy is still in the local rap game and recently earned a bit more publicity from The Pitch. Proving once again that haters usually fall to the wayside for artists smart enough to ignore them.

    The Mark Parkinson Era in Kansas!!!

    Micheal Mahoney reports that just sworn in Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson is going to try to play to the middle . . . That's a wise strategy is he follows through, while I can't get over the fact that his one time step-mom was a ho so famous that she appeared in special Playboy spread. And now I have to find more photos of her for every mention of Parkinson's name.

    Kansas City Blogger Observation

    AKCB shares his observations about Obama's 1st 100 days and it involves the reaction from local conservative blogs.

    Kansas City Panic in 140 Characters

    KCTV5 Weather now on Twitter.

    The Early Morning Back Up

    Depending on what The Star does or doesn't do . . . I should have a few good things for the morning update . . . Right now I'm going to get some beauty sleep and or give a KC Casino 5 bucks.

    In the meantime, I'm carefully studying an older photo gallery of Kanye (no fishsticks) and Anne V which isn't hot at all now that this nation has allegedly transcended race . . . Or something.

    Also, I think the scary pig and brown people plague is mostly hype for those of us who aren't dead yet.

    Finally, I'm digging a new low budget promo for up and coming Internet radio station

    And there's much more on the way . . . Hopefully.

    Stay tuned . . .

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009


    So now the cuts to the Police are here . . . And they couldn't come at a worse time.

    A well-informed TKC TIPSTER makes the following observation:

    In the period May 1, 2008 - today, we have had 146 homicides, the highest 12 month total since calender year 1993--the worst year for homicides in the history of KCMO. So, we are the only, and I stress the only, large city in the US to be having a homicide rate in 2009 comparable to the "Crack Wars" of the early 1990's.
    And we know that the warmer weather brings even more murder to the metro. Unfortunately, there are very few politicos dedicated to this problem and from everything I'm seeing . . . It's just getting worse. Seriously, I don't think that Kansas City politicos are going to be able to get away with their annual, end of summer anti-violence trend as homicides normally declined in the last, cold, months of the year away . . . THIS YEAR COULD SEE RECORD BREAKING KANSAS CITY MURDER AND VIOLENCE!!! And on this, I'm am hoping against hope that I'm completely wrong and Kansas City's murder rate doesn't get out of hand in the face of KCPD budget cuts . . . Because I know we're not prepared to properly address the problem if it turns out that I'm right.


  • Officers To Be Pulled Off the Streets This Week

  • Police Chief: Budget Cuts Will Impact Crime
  • The Spirit(s) of Kansas City

    I have a horrible sense of humor . . . By far this is my favorite story of the day:

    Police say a 23-year-old Kansas City man had two young children in his vehicle as he was drinking a beer during a police chase.

    James E. French is charged with resisting arrest, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and driving while revoked.

    According to court documents, French was driving a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am near Linwood and College around 9:20 p.m. Sunday when officers attempted to pull him over for an outstanding Jackson County warrant.

    French did not stop and led police to 31st and Bales, where he stopped his vehicle and put his hands out the driver’s side window, police say.

    But as officers approached, French drove off, stopping again in the 3000 block of Bales, where police say he got out of the car with a beer in his hand and approached officers.

    French continued to drink the beer as he approached police, despite verbal commands to stop, court documents say.
    Yeah, the fact that there were kids in danger kind of takes the fun out of the story . . . But they weren't seriously hurt according to the story . . . So I'm pretty sure it's okay to laugh at this liquored up local police chase.

    KCPD in Mexico

    Kansas City Police Officers in Mexico right now learning Spanish through an immersion program . . . Via The KC Guy

    Mayor Funky's fight against Kansas City

    Funkhouser's lawyer counters city in suit over volunteer ordinance


    Evening Link Layout: Missing You Edition

    It's really nice outside . . . Unfortunately, I have links and X-box live to deal with right now:


    KCKPD receives shipment of pandas . . . This is what they're talking about when the mention a pandemic, right? It doesn't look so bad horrible. Pandas are cute.

  • A bit of background on one of the Superintendent candidates.

  • KCTV5 keeps JoCo worried: Car Burglar Cruises Lots On Motorcycle

  • Judge yourself and others: Salaries in Kansas City link via the Star's biz blog.

  • If he was a politico he could have gotten away with it and called it "stimulus" or something: Man sentenced to 41 months in prison for $1.6M heist

  • Expensive plan from silly man: Latest Chastain light-rail plan will carry big price

  • Local sad occasion: Renee Pernice disappeared from her Kansas City home in early January her family is marking her birthday

  • One more "Kansas City on a budget" vacation article . . . Local politico slap fighting as a source of endless hours of fun.

  • A reminder from Stacy K: 2 years and Kara is still missing.

  • Tianna Ta bikini goodnes!!
  • Rock Chalk Deadly Drunken Walk

    NBC Action News: The University of Kansas freshman who died last week was likely drinking before he fell off the roof of a girls’ dorm.

    It's the second alcohol related death at KU this year I think; and this tragedy isn't funny at all but I'm pretty sure TV newsies could have come up with a nicer photo of the dead guy in which he doesn't look like the kind of party dude that would fall off a women's dorm to his death.

    Kansas City Iraq War Reunion

    KC Currents provides some interesting coverage of a Dinner with KC Area Iraqi Refugees and Iraq War Veterans at the Community Christian Church sponsored by the local American Friends Service Committee.

    Absentee Mayor: Funkhouser nowhere to be found at important Police Board meeting!!!

    Yael T. Abouhalkah offers yet another example of Kansas City's Mayor abandoning his post:

    Funkhouser skips police board budget vote

    Mayor Mark Funkhouser skipped Tuesday's police board meeting -- the one where the board discussed and then voted on the controversial 2009-10 budget for the department.

    Funkhouser reportedly was in Lincoln, Neb., on personal business, according to a top aide.
    Mind you . . . This is the same Mayor who expressed his commitment to the KCPD and the same Mayor who tried to talked over and over about priorities . . . Honestly, I hope nothing is seriously wrong with this dude . . . If not, it really looks like the guy simply isn't interested in the job nowadays.

    Joe Miller's be1 report

    Kansas City Author and former Mayor Funky Communications dude is still working for Kansas City . . . In fact, he seems more dedicated to grassroots issues than his old boss.

    Queen Kathleen

    Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas has been confirmed the next Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services . . . And say what you want about the Obama Administration . . . At the very least he found a way to pluck this woman out of a state where she had very little in common with most of her constituents.

    Local Social Media Politicos

    BlogKC compiles a list of local politicos using Facebook, Twitter and blogs in a manner where it's almost impossible to flame them i.e. Kansas City elected officials can't stand up to the same scrutiny of college students still using myspace.


    An important letter just made it my way . . . I'll copy and paste the text here because it demonstrates just how mettlesome Kansas City politicos can be . . .

    Check it:

    Office of the City Council

    DATE: April 24, 2009

    TO: Wayne Cauthen, City Manager

    FROM: Cathy Jolly, 6th District

    SUBJECT: Kansas City’s Role in International Economic Development

    It is my understanding that there are pending and current international and economic development affairs that need someone representing City Hall to handle. Jo Anna “Jodi” Edgerton has handled these events for the City. Due to this year’s budget, her position has been eliminated.

    There are council members who, along with myself, have expressed they would like for her to continue in this role, provided that her employment is financed with outside revenue; meaning private financing, not city funds.

    It is my understanding that these outside revenues have been obtained for Ms. Edgerton to continue her service in this area.

    The following councilmembers have expressed that Ms. Edgerton continue, provided that no General Revenue or other City funds are used: Jan Marcason, John Sharp, Ed Ford, and Cindy Circo. It is also my understanding that the Mayor and Councilman Skaggs have brought similar support for her efforts in other conversations.

    Again, I want to state that we are supportive of her employment provided it is dependent on finding outside sources of revenue and no General Revenue funds or other City funds are used. I believe that her employment is important for Kansas City’s Business and Economic Development.

    If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    There are spots for folks to sign . . . I'm not sure how many of them attached their names on the typed copy . . . But here are the folks with their name on the memo:

    Cathy Jolly, 6th District, At-Large
    Bill Skaggs, 1st District
    Jan Marcason, 4th District
    Cindy Circo, 5th District At-Large
    John Sharp, 6th District
    Ed Ford, 2nd District At-Large
    Mark Funkhouser, Mayor
    Now, what can we learn from this?

    Well, the folk attaching their name to this memo, if they signed it, don't really understand the difference between governance and management . . . It's a basic lesson that's taught in most High School Civics classes.

    Also, I don't know what these people owe Jodi Edgerton but she must have some major pull if she's able to leave so many Council people obviously putting themselves out there on a limb for one lady keeping a job in the face of so many layoffs at The Hall.

    All things considered . . . I just don't like this memo because there are more important problems Kansas City needs to deal with besides giving day to day directives to Cauthen . . . I don't understand the line about the financing of her job but it creeps me out nonetheless . . . Also, I think it's mostly understood that International Trade Development in Kansas City is just another term for "KICKASS FREEBIE POLITICO JUNKET!!!" and I'm not sure if I want the Council managing the finer points of those kind of deals.

    Mistaken identity & KC Parking Tickets!!!

    Local parking problems continue to tarnish the reputation of this small time burg . . . Recently, a guy was sent some parking tickets in the mail from Kansas City despite the fact he was nowhere near this town:

    Kansas TV Newsies called Kansas City officials on Smith's behalf and urged them to take a closer look at his case. After a day of phone calls and email exchanges, FactFinder 12 was informed that the case against Smith was being dropped on the grounds of mistaken identity and apparent informational errors on the tickets.

    Even though the car had been sold to Carmax, Smith and his son, Scott, were still the registered owners on file with the state. Kansas City police tell us that's because dealerships aren't required to register vehicles.
    There's a happy ending here (ew) but it's still just a tiny bit troubling that our Municipal Court system is the subject of one of those cheesy TV Newsie Consumer Advocacy stories . . . And we didn't even get a chance to threaten a TV crew or put our hands over the lens of the camera.

    Koster Craigslist Hooker Crackdown!!!

    Hey, they don't call it "Action" news for nothing . . . Mo. Attorney General Chris Koster’s office confirmed Monday night that he is investigating Craigslist -- just less than a week after NBC Action News aired a hidden camera investigation exposing

    Thank TV news for shutting down one more place where people are likely to get an STD.

    Wait, there are women on the Internet who aren't in some state of undress?!?!?

    Chicks Who Click, a conference and networking event for women engaging in social media, will take place in Kansas City May 16.

    It looks expensive and it's one of the those social media marketing things . . . And we all know that PR and media wenches are pretty much just a few paychecks away from prostitution . . . So maybe my stupid assumptions aren't all that unfounded.

    Kansas City Impromptu Fountain

    As long as KC's infrastructure is old and busted . . . This town will never be without some kind of water display: Water Main Shoots Large Water Fountain

    Actually, the late night show in this case was rather lucky because it didn't involve sewage.


    The Northeast News features some KICKASS local, political comics from the guy we all know as El Bryan!!!

    Seriously, it's good stuff, it's pretty balanced and I like his style . . . NICE!!!

    Harsh Times for KCK guy on the take

    KCTV5: Former Kansas Prison Worker Sentenced . . . Prison Worker Guilty Of Accepting Inmate Bribe


    The Star claims: "Mayoral recall effort has another week to collect petitions"

    In fact, the Funkhouser Recall folks are going to get the 10 day extension . . .

    Even more interestingly . . . Mayor Funky's own neighborhood hates him.

    Up till this point, the majority of signatures have come from the 4th district.

    Now, we all know that Mayor Funky is extraordinarily litigious and he has promised to fight the recall in the same unsuccessful manner he's fighting for Co-Mayor Gloria's feet . . .


    Put simply . . . Mayor Funky might have to find (and pay) for his own lawyer in order to challenge the move to oust him . . . Depending on what a judge soon decides on a slightly unrelated case.

    Meanwhile signatures are still coming in and volunteers are now looking for ways to collect the many copies that have been circulating.

    Oh . . . And a great many people think that bunk story about Gloria Squitiro being in a mental hospital circulating in comment threads around town is some kind of false flag bit of political hackery intended to garner sympathy and make recall supporters seem mean . . . When in fact, I think the overwhelming majority of people think it would be best for Squitiro, Funkhouser and all of Kansas City if Co-Mayor couple simply stayed at home and left their elected office to someone more qualified and better prepared to handle the job.


    A Kansas City, Kan. police officer was hit by the door of a car as a suspect fled the scene of a traffic stop.

    A lesson in finding the fall guy

    KC school board picks two finalists for superintendent job

    Seminar: Screwing your way to self-improvement!!!

    I imagine that at first glance the press kit for an upcoming Kansas City business seminar looks like a middle-aged woman visiting town with her dad:

    Bestselling authors Suzy and Jack Welch will visit Kansas City next month. Columnist and author Suzy Welch will discuss 10-10-10 – a powerful new strategy for making difficult decisions and clarifying choices.

    Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric, will interview Suzy about the 10-10-10 approach, followed by a question-and-answer session.
    I don't know anything about their rap but I'm thinking some of the difficult decisions might be along these lines and headlined this way by the duo:

  • Squeezing old, saggy ass for millions
  • Learning to accept being loved solely for money
  • Making Daddy issues pay beyond the chump change of a stripper pole
  • Ignoring her late night outings and weekends away from home
  • Intimacy with an elderly partner and finding a "happy place"

  • I've only been to a couple of business seminars and I think truly successful people avoid them like the swine flu . . . However, it's kind of fun that folks teaching the principles of success to the adoring masses just might be a living example of how much money can't buy . . . Then again, that's not to imply that a great many po'folk aren't stuck in relationships of convenience as well . . . In fact, just about all married people seem to be upholding some kind of lie . . . Kudos to these folks for the ability to sell tickets to it.

    Gladstone protects our right to mock the dead and their surviving family members

    Gladstone repeals ordinance prohibiting picketing at funerals

    Only in death: Chiefs coach successfully passes

    Former Chiefs Coach Frank Gansz Dies

    Show Me another train annoyance

    KC Star columnist Kraske will talk about a national high-speed rail system and what it could mean for Missouri.

    Girlfight Gone Wrong

    I don't even want to mention the disparity here, because it's obvious . . . I just want to wish this broad good luck in jail: 14-year-old will be tried as adult in deadly KCK shooting

    KC morning links coming on strong!!!

    Some of the more interesting links I'm going through this morning . . .

  • In the event of a disaster other than the typical Royals post-All-Star break meltdown: Severe Weather Plans In Place To Protect Thousands of Fans

  • New hotness is an old and busted cop in training: Meet the 65-year-old police recruit

  • One more Kansas City Chicken Problem: Armed Robbery at Church's Chicken in KC

  • Alleged Suburban interloper . . . Good luck in jail: Gladstone man charged in deadly shooting on Southwest Boulevard

  • Kansas City suffering from only phone panic for now: Swine Flu Questions Flood Hospital Call Center

  • Federal money for KC's longest running fly-by-night organization: Full Employment Council gets stimulus money for job training

  • Yet another sinking feeling in suburbia: Man Crawls from Car As it Sinks in Lee's Summit Lake

  • Strange move for JaxCo: County delays vote on KC inmates

  • Urban hairstyle will save the world: Dreadlocks Will Be Cut Off Student for a Cause

  • Jodie Marsh is rough and powerful sexy all at the same time.
  • Attack of The Kansas City Know-It-All!!!

    Around every local election these people come out of the wood work . . . You know who I'm referring to . . . The Kansas City know-it-all who can quote a great many City Ordinances line by line and sadly thinks that useless talent substitutes for the money and connections it takes to have any real influence in this town.

    The strange Kansas City know-it-all is best epitomized by two local blogs who have recently been involved in a mutual masturbation session involving developments on Troost.

  • Toellner Tells it offers a typically enthusiastic appraisal of Troost development invoking a lot of minutiae and blathering about walkability.

  • 12th & Main started off the discussion with equally clueless remarks and speculation about yet another Troost welfare project.

    Unfortunately, neither one of these bloggers noted the reality of business on Troost . . . It's a wasteland. And Government subsidized business would be a sinful waste of cash for a cause that is every bit as hopeless as the people I see walking around Troost buying liquor and Cheetos at 10 o'clock in the morning.

    See . . . Just like Downtown developers . . . These bloggers are welfare cheerleaders of a different sort . . . Instead of singing the praises of corporate crooks, they're carrying the flag of non-profit agencies and the like . . .

    This clueless political sect represents the same misinformed bloc of voters who would vote for a candidate based on something silly like a dog park, biking trail or community center rather than trying to discern an overall political philosophy of governance based on any kind of track record. Put simply, these are the kind of d-bags who are impressed when a politico remembers their name.

    I guess I'm offended whenever anybody talks about The Eastside and forgets to mention the local homicide count . . . Right now Kansas City murders are about to run completely out of control . . . And Troost is the dividing line where death stops becoming news and is treated as commonplace. Without addressing this fact of life FIRST there will NEVER be any recovery, development or change that is sustainable.


    Ask Maslow if my style is too abrasive to be trusted.

    Unfortunately, The Kansas City Know-it-All is smart enough to realize that solutions to Eastside crime are beyond the scope of some dweeb with no money or connections so they hide in meaningless issues like light rail, biking trails, dog parks, animal rights, environmentalism and Jazz in order to avoid facing any real conflict or getting to the very heart of the problem that has kept Kansas City such a third rate town for so long.
  • "Republicans in Jefferson City are trying their best to ruin the party forever."

    A great line from a post that's otherwise filled with standard Democrat complaints . . . Still, it's nice to see that some things don't change no matter how much people hope . . . According to J-Dub, the Show-Me State Republicans are just as bad as they've ever been.

    Missouri State Senator Jolie Justus: "How Are You Going to Fix Our Schools?"

    State Senator Justus writes what could be the most convoluted and equivocating bit of opinion regarding Kansas City Schools I've ever read. Here's a brief sample: "real change will not come to the school district until we address the issues from the top-down AND the bottom-up."

    Pardon me for being so crass, but does that sound like some old weird lesbian sh*t to anybody else?

    The less politicos talk, write and communicate in general . . . The better off we all are . . . Still, I'm a fan of the recent bill put forth by Justus that's making a bit of progress. The bill makes the KC School Board more accountable to the local electorate and stops these set-up appointments that are mostly used to install cronies.

    As for the philosophy of Justus on KC Schools . . . I really wish she would have cut short her polemic because it reminded me of the same kind of silly liberalism that has already contributed to a generation of Kansas City School District Failure.

    And while it may sound like a sessy way to spend an afternoon . . . Nobody has time to play nice with professional, well-educated lesbians . . . There needs to be drastic, radical and quick change to KC School District that should probably come in the form of a state takeover . . . Other than that, any way for students to get out of the clutches of the mostly corrupt School Board is the second best option . . . At this point a consensus of politicos is probably the worst thing imaginable . . . Parents and students with the means have been voting with their feet for years which has translated to the ongoing steady decline in enrollment . . . As for the last, poor, remaining souls in the District . . . This town is finished listening to pie-in-the-sky hope for change when virtually every idea from the local political establishment that collaborates with the district - rather than dismantling it - Has just become another facet of Kansas City school failure.

    Midwest Same-Sex Marriage Closer to KC

    With the KCPD cutting domestic partner benefits . . . The gay friendliness of Kansas City is suspect despite the inordinate number of dudes wearing skinny jeans in Midtown.

    Nevertheless, gay marriage is now here in the Midwest . . . Less than a day's drive away.

    And if Kansas City was ahead of the game, if this town really wanted to attract a creative, professional class with a lot of disposable income (i.e. no kids for the most part) then this town would do something to welcome this change on the horizon . . . Something a little bit more progressive than grabbing ankle for the d-bag, reactionary, Republican paper tigers in Jeff City.

    Monday, April 27, 2009

    The TKC Evening Link Look

    Just a few things I'm thinking about tonight:


    I found a favorite video from Uncle Ed Muscare's Youtube page . . . Sing-a-longs are nice.

  • The Uptown is always best when they go old school: On the way: Yes with Asia

  • On the subject of Interrogation techniques and Prairie Village Citizen Police Academy . . . Even The KC Guy advises to call your lawyer.

  • Man Selling Independence Business for $1 . . . If he's that desperate, then it's still probably overpriced.

  • FUMO doesn't have any idea what's going on with tonight's Missouri House Ethics Committee . . . But he's safely blaming Republicans anyway.

  • KMBC interviews a local travel agent advising folks to reschedule trips to Mexico . . . Save money, stay at home and panic.

  • Local photog Zach at his first wedding . . . He did a great job, by the looks of it the marriage will fail.

  • And a photo gallery of UK babe Roxanne Pallett will probably inspire TKC readers just as much as any of these evening links . . . Maybe more.
  • Local Drive-by dude wanted revenge

    NBC Action News: Man Charged in Drive-By Shooting into a Kansas City House

    Beating your old lady is bad for business

    Domestic violence worsens in a bad economy . . . More depressing news during the recession and some info on The Rose Brooks Center.

    Are Hearne's Haters weighing him down?

    I hate to admit it . . . I'm a regular reader of Hearne's blog KC Confidential.

    However, I've noticed some rather nasty vitriol directed his way . . . Honestly, I had to insult just about every white person in rural Missouri before I started getting anything close to the hate that was left in the comments on his site.

    Saturday night there was a torrent of nastiness on Hearne's blog in the comment section . . . Looking at it now, I see that Hearne and his fellow bloggers have removed the attacks, most of which were in horrible taste. While that's good for peace of mind, it doesn't inspire active discussion . . . And that's really the interesting point here:

    Hearne is no longer protected by the big media glass house and security guards from The Star . . . He's a blogger, he's on his own.

    Safety, comfort zones and potential stalker issues are always a concern for bloggers . . . In my rare conversations with female bloggers, I've always wondered how they dealt with security . . . Of course, I never leave my basement so I'm good against all of the d-bags who might vehemently disagree with me . . . Also, I'm always right so that helps . . .

    Still . . . With anonny editors and IT people no longer protecting Hearne, only now is he subject to the real wrath of the mob and he can see up close and personal how nasty readers can get . . . I'm waiting to see how he deals with it and while I don't like deleting comments . . . Hearne seems to be going that route.

    Meanwhile . . . A great many of you d-bags have shown remarkable insight in taking TKC apart and helping to keep this blog somewhat honest . . . Which is nice in between random racial and teh ghey remarks.

    Breaking: Jolie Justus reports Kansas City School District may face Missouri scrutiny!!!

    Here's the tweet from the KC Lady Senator: "Senate just passed amendment that would require a committee to look at the governance of the KC School District."

    Local Day-Care Scare

    KMBC: Fire Breaks Out At KC Day-Care Center

    Local Swine Flu Talk

    The Kansas City Kansan has some advice other than panic: Metro health departments taking on Swine flu

    The TKC Afternoon Link Look Update: Kansas City in collapse edition!!!

    Lots of links this afternoon . . . Not all of them are dedicated to the weather and a great man noting Kansas City real estate collapse:

  • The KC Biz journal reports deep, desperate discounts in a once booming section of Kansas City real estate . . . Also, I guess the "Renaissance" is now comprised of mostly crappy rental property: 10 percent to 25 percent discounts on most downtown condominiums

  • In more local real estate collapse news: Building Collapse Blocks 30th Street

  • Suburban fail as well: Retaining Wall Collapses in Northland

  • Discounts that very few can afford: KC March Housing Sales and Prices Down

  • Horrific crime follow-up: Police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a 17-year-old over the weekend.

  • Zeus hates suburbia as well: Lightning Hits Leawood Home

  • The Source reports that the speaker for Missouri Democrat Party Truman Days is a big part of U.S. financial demise . . . No, it's not G.W. Bush.

  • Crime Scene KC story round-up: New details in KC firefighters' murder -- did the defense have access to all of the evidence?

  • Show Me economic advice: Treasurer Clint Zweifel on CNBC

  • Damn Diora Baird looks good in her recent FHM photoshoot . . . I'm just saying.
  • Westside Substation fight just getting started

    AN AMAZING STORY FROM KC CURRENTS: KCP&L Substation Generates Opposition on Westside

    The Star wants to run The KCPD

    Budget cutting suggestions from the editorial board that lives mostly in Johnson County.

    Phelps Clan Apocalypse!?!?!?

    The nastiest family in Kansas is preparing for the last days and maybe heading out of Kansas (God willing) for the Apocalypse . . . The downside? Bloggers are concerned that they might take innocent people with them:

    Kansas Watch: "Is Topeka's Phelps' Clan Planning To Go All Waco or Jonestown On Us?"

    Tumble-o-rama: "Westboro Baptist Church Planning Suicidal Exodus? - Towleroad"

    That's the problem with REALLY religious folks . . . Sometimes they don't see any problem with taking a lot of folks with them . . .

    On the other hand (ew), a (bad) Catholic like myself only has a religious experience when photos of scantily clad white women are involved.

    "The state of Suburban Retail" at a Strip Mall in Merriam!!!

    Eric Bowers comes away with a KILLER image from the Kansas City suburbs that should put all of your fears regarding recovery to rest . . . It's not going to happen any time soon.

    KC Councilman Ed Ford's new blog!!!

    Ed Ford's new blog has the appearance of comments . . . But no real comments. Cindy Circo's blog hasn't been updated in a half a month . . . $20 bucks to the next City Hall denizen with a Twitter . . . $20 bucks to me that is . . . Natch.

    Missouri Ethics meeting not an oxymoron!!!

    House Ethics Committee to meet in closed session tomorrow . . . They'll be talking about stupid statements regarding slavery rather than the current overblown paranoia drummed by The Star over a Democrat FBI investigation . . . Despite the fact the Dems are still so hopelessly out of power in Missouri they have little to offer by way of pay for play.


    The bad news just keeps coming for Mayor Funky and his people are becoming increasingly desperate to top the downward spiral. They might even have to work 40 hours a week to make it happen.

    The latest bit of bad news comes thanks to A KICKASS TKC TIPSTER:


    And just like TKC still has friends at The Star . . . So does Mayor Funky . . .

    Word on the street is that Star "reporter" Michael Mansur is in a tizzy to get a hold of the report in order to exonerate family friend Mayor Funky.

    Let's not forget that Mansur was the newsie who tried to exonerate Mayor Funky on campaign finance issues . . . Right before Funkhouser was fined for his sloppy bookkeeping.

    So, good luck to Mansur as he is in a desperate attempt to make the Mayor's case in the news section of The Star. Meanwhile . . . A great many people in Kansas City now realize that Mayor Funkhouser's corrupt use of his office to defend his wife's big, stinky, bare feet has been one of this town's greatest embarrassments and very soon we will realize the real world cost of Mark Funkhouser's incompetence.


    They're off and running . . . Really.

    The Funkhouser Recall Folks are announcing that they've reached 10,000 signatures.

    The KC Hispanic News has a great article featuring Charlie Lona . . . The headline pretty much sums it up: ‘It’s the easiest Petition I’ve ever done,’ Lona says

    As of now things are looking good for the recall organizers . . . Almost as good as Maria Sharapova in a bikini . . . Almost.

    If Mexicans didn't already make you sick

    I should be happy . . .

    At the outset of panic over EVEN MORE global pandemic fears . . . As of yet there hasn't been any mainstream overt racism or xenophobia from anyone but Internet d-bags.

    In fact, smarter people are hoping that media hype doesn't lead to further panic.

    The best article making fun of all this hysteria comes from New Zealand, of course:

    "Swine flu panic just hogwash"

    Still, I never underestimate the lengths that some people will go to in order to kick brown people out of the country.

    And Monday has just begun . . . So I'm sure that scary, brown people flu will be a topic of discussion as this nation still hasn't learned to stop politicizing sickness.

    The Devastating Aftermath of light rain!!!

    Yes, there were disastrous storms in the Midwest this weekend . . . Some storm chasing d-bag even went out and captured some video that's not too bad.

    And Bottom Line Communications reports some big numbers for the weather coverage.

    But when light rain only appeared in my neighborhood and in KC Proper . . . It just seemed like unnecessary hysterics to me. And honestly, I've always wondered how much people in the middle of a storm relied on Katie Horner or any other weather newsie looking so gravely concerned and running around the studio . . . Other than, of course, the comic relief of Horner coming into the studio in her "hot soccer mom" get up in order to communicate the fact that she just came off MILF duty.

    What was even funnier were the announcements by newsies noting twitter chats . . . Frankly, I was hoping that they could've taken the whole conversation to Facebook where I could have much more easily ignored it . . . And I'm sure that one of these days technology will provide the answer . . . Because regional panic driven weather coverage seems horribly outdated and part of a distant memory of when people actually cared about news that didn't directly impact their own lives.

    Free Chicken Kansas City!!!

    KFC is giving away of FREE piece of grilled chicken today ya'll!!! Unlike rural weather reports mercilessly dominating the TV News . . . This report is actually applicable to your everyday life . . . Also, I'm pretty sure these recent restaurant giveaways are the modern day equivalent to breadlines.

    JoCo Prison Industrial Complex goes mobile

    The Star: "Jail remodeling will have Johnson County inmates on the move"

    The next politico to be fired in 18 months

    The Star: "The finalists bidding to be the Kansas City School District's next superintendent go before the community this week."


    In December of last year TKC and a KICKASS TIPSTER offered a special feature regarding shocking images of Kansas City School buildings and their horrible mold problem.

    Now it looks like The Star has finally caught up to the story.

    Here's the latest from the "paper-of-record" . . .

    "Schools face mold mystery"

    I don't like the headline because it implies that there is a problem other than Kansas City School District incompetence.

    Still . . . The story about recent findings of dangerous mold in Kansas City Schools has been out for months THANKS TO TKC TIPSTERS and only now are we starting to see some action taken to fight it . . . Meanwhile, people in KC Schools have been breathing it in this whole time.

    Local Nurses Sick of Union

    Centerpoint Medical Center nurses oust union . . . A story from Saturday but still significant given that the Medical Industrial Complex is killing collective bargaining as well as people without health insurance.

    A Local Blogger Provides Comprehensive Kansas City Chalk Walk Coverage

    Hyperblogal hit a high mark recently and provided better coverage of the return of the Chalk Walk back to the Concourse in Historic Northeast than any other news organization in Kansas City.

    Eating Farm Fresh in Kansas City

    A great guide to Farmers Markets to opening all around the Kansas City metro from Kansas City's blog.

    And while a lot of people rave about these places . . . The idea that the food is grown in the back of the Supermarket comforts me a lot more than the look of produce without the comforting chemical additives that make it look more appealing.